Horus Prevention | Fraud Prevention

Consulting on fraud prevention

Goals of the work:
• Identify opportunities for process improvements to prevent fraud in a range of stages, such as customer registration, transaction monitoring and recovery of losses.
• Define how and where to act.

Work steps
• Mapping operational and financial flows.
• Full view of existing risks.
• Identification of opportunities for improvement.

Plan of action
• Definition of control points.
• Outline of new processes.
• Setting targets and deadlines.
• Creation of new projects.

Deployment Plan
• Support for monitoring the implementation of corrective actions.
Fraud prevention services

Outsourced management of fraud analysis
• Professionals trained and highly qualified to coordinate teams of detection.
• Infrastructure with high level of security.
- Control of physical and logical access;
- Contingency plan;
- Ability to rapidly increase of positions analysis;
- Monitoring operation and quality management;
• Information that provide customers with transparent analysis of the work and its results.
• Activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Training to Prevent Fraud
• Internal management - point of sale - granting of credit.

External investigation
• Investigation teams with specialized staff.
• Legal support that oversees the pre-and post-investigation.
• Nationwide support.

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